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Ghost VS Gamer Boy-50 page graphic novel

Ghost VS Gamer Boy-50 page graphic novel

SKU: 9781667822969

Paper Back Graphic Novel: Energetic Force Comics introduces a new series of graphic novels. “Ghost-VS-Gamer Boy” is the first book in the set (volume 1) and is a 48-page paperback. This is a new graphic series that takes its cast of new characters on adventures traveling to different worlds (in volume 2) and shows off that the new leader of the group is strong enough to keep the group focused on the right direction. The novel's story is as exciting as a rollercoaster’s twists and turns on every new page. Who is the true villain? It may take some investigation to find out through the volumes continuous storylines. There are backstories and introductions of new characters as the story builds and the leader expands his team. This story explains the introduction into the new sciences that are available with explanations of the multiple ecospheres that have come together in the year 3001 and beyond.

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