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Energetic Force Comics introduces a new series of graphic novels! "Ghost-VS-Gamer Boy" is the title of book number 1 and is a 48-page graphic novel. Say "HELLO" to a brand-new comic book series that takes its cast of characters on adventures to different worlds and shows off Ghost, the new leader of the group. Plunge into the year 3001, discover what new sciences have become available, and witness the merging of two worlds. Find yourself asking new questions with the turn of every page as the world unfolds with an exciting rollercoaster of twists. Who is the true villain? Where does each character really come from? How has the world truly evolved in all this time? This cast of colorful characters brings the book to life as Ghost sets out to build his team. It isn't easy to lead, and being the new leader means making sure his team is headed along the right path. Keeping a whole group of superheroes focused on the right direction during their journeys is no simple task. Author Lexi Townsend has created a fully action-packed story intended to be read by audiences of all ages. She's kept it free of vulgar language, and she's made it a point to be both appropriate and enjoyable for every reader. Enjoy beautifully handcrafted artwork with stunning coloration, this is a book with picture-perfect directive manner for those interested in action-packed graphic novels. Inspired by the many action-adventure movies she has watched, Lexi has spent the last decade improving and creating hundreds of characters to bring to the page. Boarding, drawing, and converting art to the digital format are labors of love, and the result of her hard work is spread among these pages.

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