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Lexi has been working tirelessly for eleven years on an up-and-coming set of new graphic novels filled with heroes and villains. The comic book process first started taking place back when she was in high school, she was always drawing in classes and constantly getting scolded at by her teachers; even in art class she was not following the program. 
Following her creative mind wherever it took her was something very important to Lexi. Before superheroes, she started drawing figures around 2012. She went to the movies and saw a big action superhero film. She came out of that movie theater and was inspired from that moment on. She had full interest in wanting to draw and to create her very own superhero universe with fully action-packed adventures.
She got started on drawing hundreds of random characters and one by one each creation was drawn throughout different times during her free time every day. She has spent a while trying to figure out what would be the perfect set of superhero characters to show the world. She has painstakingly drawn futuristic superhero characters and has decided to put this unique group together into a team called the ENERGETIC FORCE.
"One day I had my drawings laid out all over on top of my desk and I was on the phone with my dad. We were both having a conversation and I had asked him how I was going to inspire my story to get it out to the public? That was the moment that he had told me over the phone to draw a comic book and have a superhero and villain battle one another. So, I got started working on drawing not only one but two other comic books as well building up a new comic book series. I have spent a long-time drawing multiple books so far."
She graduated from high school and had moved on to start college. She was indecisively seeking out how to become an art designer for her future. She was wanting to expose her comic book character series there at college, but when she realized it was a harder journey taking that route, she had quit school and moved on into getting a job at the local food market. This type of employment turned out to be not to her liking, however she had to make money for her copy writing costs. Luckily her parents helped support her during this time period. After the copy writes for all her characters were completed, her family helped her submit her pencil drawn book to major named comic book companies and there was no success. 
She was expecting these companies to digitize the whole hand drawn book of hers but that was not going to happen. Her dad introduced her to a digital art pad and an art program to take her artwork up to the next level. She and her dad planned to go to Comic-Con to seek out a publisher. She decided to digitize five pages of her comic book and five of her superhero characters and show them to a publisher at Comic-Con. Her dad gave her the idea to digitize the whole book in full for them to except it.
As a result, she got started on digitizing the book and over time she moved on to a better job working at a retail store to her liking. At the same time she was able to build up the money and invest in this book series. She is now happy to finally say, "HERE I AM!!"

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